Using Babbar,SEO gets easier.

Thanks to Babbar’s data and metrics, uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your site and its competitors.

Babbar helps you set up truly effective link building strategies thanks to its understanding of link and page semantics.

Babbar’s strengths.

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Whether you are an SEO, web marketer or a freelance webmaster, Babbar is for you.

Babbar Authority Score (BAS)

Babbar offers this unique metric resulting from our R&D department's work.

The Babbar Authority Score captures all the expected behaviours to define what a good link is.

Fine metrics

You need fine metrics for an audit? Babbar has them all.

Popularity with a reasonable and topical surfer model, a trust calculation algorithm, and many more.

Backlink analysis

Babbar provides you with a list of links pointing to your site in order for you to figure out where its popularity comes from. Babbar gives you a solid starting point in understanding the link building strategy of your competitors.


Babbar provides you with the categorisation of your website's content as well as your competitors', by analysing it thoroughly thanks to a machine learning algorithm. This also allows us to suggest sites that are similar to yours.

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Your questions

To ensure that Babbar becomes your new SEO tool of choice, we answer your questions.

One of the major risk in SEO is to make the wrong decision based on incorrect or non-existent data. For everything related to linking, Babbar provides genuine and relevant data to make the best possible decisions.
The decisions will remain yours, enlightened by Babbar’s data.

Most of the Babbar's metrics seem to be new because they were not known by SEOs before. But these metrics have always been known and used by search engines, such as the popularity measurement thanks to the reasonable and topical surfer model.

If you are a freelance webmaster or if you don't conduct audits but rather monitoring, the Core Metrics plan is for you. It includes decision-making data (popularity, authority, trust and semantic scores - excluding similar sites). The SEO Plan includes all the data (links, similar sites, etc.).

We believe we have some of the best engineers and researchers in our team. We have developed a truly unique solution that is optimised both algorithmically and technically. This efficiency allows us to offer the best data at the best price.


Our plans

Depending on your wishes and needs, the best quality/price ratio.

Core Metrics

45€ excluding VAT/month *

Essentials metrics.
Quickly assess the quality and popularity of a webpage or a website.

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* or 480€ excluding VAT/year

SEO Plan

90€ excluding VAT/month *

All metrics,
Links included.

Everything you need to assess, analyse and conduct the best audits.

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* or 960€ excluding VAT/year

Agency Plan

120€ excluding VAT / month *

SEO Plan but for teams.

(+40€ excluding VAT/month per user).

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* or 1200€ excluding VAT / year
+420€ excluding VAT/year per user

All plans in details

All features

We keep it simple. Just need website metrics? We've got it! Want to dig into backlinks? We've got that too! You have a full team? We also have something for you.


Core Metrics

SEO Plan

Agency Plan

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HTTP health status host level
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Links/backlinks lists
Backlink anchor texts information
Similar websites lists (by content) (50 max) (100 max)
Websites hosted on the same IP (50 max) (200 max)
Semantic Spotfinder (20 max) (50 max)
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