Using Babbar, SEO is made easier.

Thanks to Babbar’s data and metrics you can uncover the strong and weak points of your sites and their competitors.

Babbar helps you design truly efficient netlinking strategies thanks to its understanding of the semantic behind links and pages.

Babbar’s strengths.

Why should you use

Whether you are a SEO, webmarketer or independent webmaster Babbar is made for you.

Babbar Authority Score (BAS)

Babbar offers this unique metric from our R&D department.

Babbar Authority Score encompass all wanted behaviors to define a good link.

Fine metrics

You need fine metrics for an audit? Babbar has all of them.

Popularity with a reasonable and topical surfer model, a trust algorithm and many more.

Backlinks analysis

Babbar provides complete lists of links pointing towards your website, helping you uncover the origin of your popularity. Babbar gives you an head start helping your discover your competitors' netlinking strategy.


Babbar provides a topical category for your websites and their competition by finely analysing the content using a machine learning algorithm.
Using this information Babbar is able to provide similar sites to yours.

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Your questions

To ensure that Babbar will become your favorite SEO tool we answer your questions.

One of the major risks in SEO is making a bad decision based on wrong or non-existent data. On every aspect of linking, Babbar provides sincere and relevant data to make the best possible decisions.
The decision remain your own, guided by Babbar’s data.

Most of Babbar’s metrics seem unheard of because they were unknown from SEOs. These metrics have been known and used forever by search engines, like the popularity measure based on a reasonable and topical surfer model.

If you are an independent webmaster more focused on monitoring than audits, the Core Metrics Plan is made for you. It includes all decision making data (popularity, authority, trust and semantics - not including similarity scores). The SEO Plan includes everything (links, similar websites, etc.).

We believe Babbar gathers researchers and engineers amongst the best in their field. We developed a truly unique and optimized solution from both an algorithmic and technical point of view. This efficiency allows us to provide the best data at the best price.


Our plans

Depending on your wishes and need , the best quality/price ratio

Core Metrics

45€ excluding VAT/month *

Essentials metrics.
Quickly evaluate the quality and popularity of a webpage or a website

Start now

* or 480€ excluding VAT/year

SEO Plan

90€ excluding VAT/month *

All metrics,
Links included.

Everything you need to evaluate, analyze and realize the best audits.

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* or 960€ excluding VAT/year

Agency Plan

120€ excluding VAT / month *

SEO Plan but for teams.

(+40€/seat excluding VAT / month).

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* or 1200€ excluding VAT / year
+ 420 € excluding VAT / year per seat

All plans in details

All the functionalities

We keep things simple. You only need the metrics for websites? We have what you need ! You also need to explore backlinks? We also have what you need ! You are working with a full team? We have a plan for you.


Core Metrics

SEO Plan

Agency Plan

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Babbar Authority Score (BAS) host level
Popularity metrics host level
Trust metrics host level
Semantic metrics host level
Inlinks count host level
Outlinks count host level
Automatic topical detection host level
Automatic language detection host level
Automatic country detection
HTTP Health status host level
ROBOTS status
Links/backlinks lists
Informations about links anchors
Similar websites lists (using content) (50 max) (100 max)
Websites hosted on the same IP (50 max) (200 max)
Semantic Spotfinder (20 max) (50 max)
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